Silly question how do i find dark sea islands

i need dark shards please help

sail in a random direction with like 3 people idk

go forward until you hit one


Sounds like skill issue bro…

find a new server, because for some whatever reason older servers spawns less islands than new servers

find servers with less than 1d of server age, or 5 minutes
and then do ur thing

Occasionally, some servers won’t start rain storms when entering the Dark Sea. If there’s no rain in the Dark Sea, you can actually look into the horizon and see the silhouettes of islands in the far distance contrasting against the sky.

Then it’s just a matter of sailing around and glancing around until you see the silhouette and going directly from island to island. Very easy, I’ve gotten nearly 100 Dark Sealed chests in a single run with this strategy.

TL/DR, server hop until the Dark Sea doesn’t have a rain storm and follow island silhouettes in the horizon.

That is an understatement

its actually glitching relating to the ravenna disguise, sometimes when you sail out of ravenna to the dark sea, it still thinks you have the disguise on even if you don’t, in that case you need to not hold the wheel of the ship and then reset your torso by clicking it twice in the inventory and the rain and other extreme weather will begin, some dark sea bugs happen when there is no rain

ravenna disguise needs to be removed :pray:

ye it doesn’t have to do with the server, it’s just a ravenna disguise bug