"Similar" games to AO

I’ve been through my fair share of AA and AO, yet I have not been able to find a single game outside of roblox that kind of scratches my itch of skill-based pvp mmorpg. I like the aspect of actually having to move and aim while having to grind and minmax gear

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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well the issue may be that ao isn’t pvp

You kidding right…? At the current state, even when there is other stuff to do (story). A big part of the community is pvp based.

I don’t think I’ve heard of a game called that tho ;-;

well yeah true but AO is more of a exploration and adventure game, pvp is a side thing

vetex stated that somewhere

me trying to fight (boss) when the level (number) metamancer shows up and twoshots me

Skill issue