Since i'm bored, i decided to make a no-stat investment run

The insanity arc starts now with the calvus fight

Wunderbar! I thought it might’ve been impossible due to the health regen, but you have prevailed!

i can’t BEAT YOUR ASS without approaching first


Bro wants to do a jojo fight without a stand.

fucking ez
kill yourself calvus

didn’t even try

all the levels i gained since the Carina fight are simply levels gained from hitting calvus with my blast, i probably died 50+ times

:saluting_face: Only Revon, 1 Story boss and 1 Side boss and u beat all the bosses damn.

Can’t wait to see you beat Capt. Maria like that!

sorry for lacking, school got tough, but today i’m sick (possibly dying) so i can play AO!

got my awakening

i didn’t need to use my stat reset like @Dreamkeeper theorized
and fuck you @sock

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by the way, this build is basically asking to be made a Warden

me when i accidentally spread misinformation (sorry, whoops)

Protagonist’s weakness: Boss arena’s terrain destruction.


(real sentence)


After a few dozens of tries, i beat Lady Maria
200 times easier than Calvus, my queen is fun and balanced

i have reached level 136, at last. this has truly been an Arcane Odyssey

since its finished, what should i make this character into? i have already decided its a vitality build

  • Strength
  • Weapons
  • Magic
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no, i will NOT make a savant

I possibly know a way to get a awakening with 0 points in

Vitality and strength is actually pretty fun and viable to play

go warden

trip and fall.