Since i'm bored, i decided to make a no-stat investment run

with the recent nerf to guns (73 damage > 32 damage a shot) this is going to be really hard, but we stay strong

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i decided to go Metal since it has the highest base damage, 30 minutes in and i killed Shura

how will you get past awakening?

I’ll find a way


Put stat points for awakening then reset them

May Lady Luck be with you

1 hour in, killed Iris

also got her drop in second kill, and noticed that if Metal clashes with Flare, the metal is imbued with fire (does not apply fire, still)

Yeah metal can do that with things like lightning too. Unless it has been changed since WoM, it can actually give status effects.

ill wait until you get to nimbus

Man, you’re doing really well so far! Hope you get past Carina fine enough.

1 hour and 40 minutes, first tried Elius

gl killing argos bro

argos still hasn’t learned how to use doors, so you can just easily cheese him

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Iris weakness: a father figure
Elius weakness: a older sister figure
Calvus weakness: a fucking starved up hobo
Argos weakness: doors

carina: girls

tried joining u but ur server was full

i made it a meme

first tried Argoat, no cheesing needed.

i thought this was going to be impossible, she hid in the destroyed terrain and i couldn’t shoot her or hit her with Small Steel Blast, but i just kept air stalling and using Steel Blast and eventually, i killed her

Okay gl calvus now