Since there will likely be a Christmas event, does this mean

Does this mean that some people in AO believe in Christianity?
If so, does this mean that there are actual religions in AO?

What? We’re getting a christmas event?

we got a halloween event
i highly doubt vetex won’t give us a christmas event unless if TGR messes it up

We’re not, pretty sure, since Ve said he wanted to focus on TGR


Yeah that’s what I was thinking

my theory has been debunked and now i am sad


VERY VERY VERY unlikely there will be any christmas event

Its ok. If you ever are upset about your prediction being wrong, just remember this Elon Musk tweet.

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ur link broke

The twitter embed wasn’t working. I just used a screenshot

all that seasonal content doesn’t have anything to do with the actual lore and is just there for the sake of the occasion

i mean we have american accessories to celebrate the 4th of july in WoM even though america isn’t a thing

Damn didnt know people in the war seas beheaded themselves to drive away spirits
The events are just cute time wasters for collectibles dont think about it too hard

the most Big V will probably do in Christmas is have Santa hats and antlers on sale in Tailor Shops.

I prefer not having a Christmas Event, TGR comes first

If we do get one, it would just be a massive 4th wall break for fun, not actually a part of the universe.

I mean, you COULD make an improv Reindeer antlers with a brown bat wings headband

we’re not getting a christmas event