Single or Double Beam? (in magics)

For PvE and PvP, which do u prefer?

  • The single, lower damage beam
  • The double, slightly higher damage beam with more endlag
  • Single
  • Double
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Double beam ez

Single, I LOVE attack speed so the more speed the better

id prefer single beam because once im immobile for more than for 0.1 seconds i get hit by 23897429 attacks from npcs

it has more endlag?

yeah, to make up for the fact it does more damage than single beam while shooting only 1 thing

It has 50% more startup, 20% more size, and 40% more damage than single beam. The endlag is the same.

It’s larger too?? How is beam allowed to have larger size, better range, and twice the damage of shot while being so easy to hit?

I say it depends on your magic. Lower impact damage magics might benefit more from double beams than a high impact damage magic would(technically).

For example, a wind or fire user would use a double beam, but a shadow mage would use a single beam. However, with enough attack speed, the startup difference between a double beam and a single beam becomes unnoticeable.

beam is not easier to hit than shot, but it DOES have better range than shot

perhaps it is, but why can it do 300-400 damage? Why does min size metal beam do more than min size metal blasts?

Double beam deals exactly 9% less than a blast.

Does it have different power, aura, or size damage scaling? When i tested it min size beam did more than min size blast.

20 light beam

double for low dmg fast spd magic and single for high dmg slow magic

the inbetween ones can go either, i recommend single if no atk spd and double if >100 atk spd