Siren Bow in PvP and the excessive toxicity

So I was fighting this guy named [REDACTED] and they were using a siren bow with 97 hours and 1.2k kills while I just started out as a savant in pvp and for some reason they were heavily toxic going up to a point to make fun of my personal life.
This was the same for that one post I made when somebody told me to kirll yourself they used siren bow as well
Is it me or are most of the people who main warrior and use siren bow very toxic?

meta weapon users are usually toxic, i wouldnt question it

I mean I would say I’m not THAT toxic, and I do use the siren bow

…wtf bit their butt? telling someone to kill themselves over a lego game is honestly pathetic (and to my knowledge, unprovoked too)

also kudos for not leaking their username :confetti_ball: :clap:

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Average metamancer, siren bow is broken and it’s crazy how easy you can land m1 with it.

I killed one guy that used siren bow-vindi-sabre as Thermo-Basic Berserker one time tho so maybe it isn’t meta but it’s m1s are still easy to land (especially with Ardent)

just because you managed to beat a metamancer doesn’t mean they ain’t meta

Usually on roblox, metamancers like this are bound to be really toxic. I would try to not let it get to you too much

pretty much everyone who is warrior/beserker/warlord is

me when i make a assumption about a certain group of people and how to identify them

racism :sunglasses:

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I said most not all warrior who use siren bow are toxic I don’t have anything against the class you can play whatever you want but its just personal experience.

I gotta speechbubble this hold on


Your behavior on the forums says otherwise quite severely.

Man, did I piss you off or something? It seems like every time I post anything like “I aint that toxic”, you seem to appear to go and say “nuh uh” as a response. Like, genuinely, the only thing I ever do that’s even related to being “toxic” is shoot down the most unfitting and random suggestions on the forum, and yet this seems to hurt you on a spiritual level.


Tbf most toxicity you have and will ever encounter in the game comes from Warrior. Like at this point it became a stereotype, like only e-girl plays enchanter support in League.

Meh doesn’t sound as good

Since berserker/warlock/warlord got their airstalls gutted, once they saw siren bow m1s its now MOSTLY just warriors at this point :sob:

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