Sirens: The Competitor for Iris

We all know that once the dark sea comes out mostly everybody will be drooling over their design.
I know their design is used for mythology accuracy but why :fr:


I think people will be more interested in getting those clothes for themselves. Iris will likely remain as the one who distracts those sort of people and keeps the other female characters largely untouched.

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Yeah but the AO community has a combined iq of 10

I’m sure there will be many artists who will gladly draw these new Sirens

Thing is, would the Siren look the same when they become hostile or would they turn into monstrous looking demon ladies who simps would still drool over like dogs (or at least, their pre-hostile/non-aggro appearance).

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People will wear the clothes with the Iris getup

Can someone explain to me what this sirens thing is?
I’m confused

i saw an image of someone wearing siren’s shirt while also having muscles but i havent saved it as this image got deleted right before i was about to right click it

the trailer actually shows hostile sirens with black wings, if you pause it at the right moment

if you kill sirens you get their equipment.

So do you like strip the sirens for their gear so you can wear it yourself or something?

That’s what we do based on the boss drop description

Siren has angelic wings, drip, and can sing
what can iris do?
be a hot head

Yeah well unfortunately Iris is the first important female character that you come across and when it comes to video games that means one thing.

Giant crow wings.


Ill be wearin the Siren outfit on my male files fr!

they don’t even have any tits it’s JUST the bra i don’t understan

i will model tits for them