Size Formula REWORK

it affects everything

if your attacks have a base size of higher than 1.25 then attack size has less of an effect on you, this means that size stacking warriors and especially conjurers or warlords get less benefit from putting on attack size, while there’s a less harsh drawback to using attack size on inherently smaller things such as thermo fist as long as the total is below 1.25 size modifier inherently

this affects mostly just large magics/fstyles and especially size stacking weapons users as a nerf, the rest of the population are getting a buff

trello doesn’t say anything about low affinities, i think it’s safe to assume vetex just addded some if statement that lowered atk size scaling if the affinity was > 1.25
it is vetex afterall

true, here’s hoping the bteam can shed some light on this

Nah, he actually added the formula.

It is just that he didn’t also increase Attack Size efficiency with the formula change (yet), so everything as it stands that has above a 1.0x size affinity will get an Attack Size nerf.


ykw i’m fine with that
vetex gotta take some rests yk solo dev can’t be adding everything in too hastily-

real quick, is it possible that a similar formula would be added for attack speed as well? Or would that not solve issues?

I might be cappin but I swear there already is one

Because I am a very gentle and nice human being

It could be implement for Attack Speed, but it’d cause issues due to how Attack Speed affects startup. It’d have the side effect of being ridiculous on extreme affinities such as those on magic, and doing stuff such as making Metal blasts have a lot shorter cast times than Light Blasts with Attack Speed.

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I’d say that this rework seems pretty good. Size might be more viable for smaller magics now.

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But I have 0,85 size thermo so I will get an attack size buff fr

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Guess sunked is useless now but gotta check how bad the size went down