Sketchbook Art I Made :frhigh:

I’m pretty sure this is allowed, putting low quality art in Off Topic, but I could be wrong. Also, this is pencil and paper, since that is the only way I can draw lmao. Feel free to post your opinions.

My 3 main WoM OCs (Andy, Fang, and Alicia):

Fang but Death Magic:


Hope you enjoyed some of the art I made, lol. I can only draw humans in a very crude Manga style, but even that always looks bad (Especially the shape of Alicia’s head which ended up being terrible… :fr:)


The inconsistency on Fang’s art is humorous

You dare communicate publicly in third-person?

Either way, I like how you’re going with this. My one suggestion is to make their eyes look more round and less like rectangles

Not bad dude! I’d say work on drawing better straight lines
I’ve got a few more things but I’ll leave it at that :V

Haha yeah, The Redwake drawing was done in about half an hour lol, so it was super rushed.

Yes, I am communicating publicly in Third-person, lmao. Thanks about the eyes also. I’ll have to work on those. Did this during school, so I didn’t have much time to work. :nod:

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I feel like I can never get if I want Fang’s sleeves to be long or short, and can’t nail his hairstyle. Still working on Andy and Alicia’s design, and Alicia was one of my first attempts at drawing a female in my style.


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The revival of this topic will be the end of me… :sob:

gotta tell you that its really cool


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Deep inhale friggin awesome :+1: :100:

pov : when you don’t have time since its not summer holiday for me yet :frpensive:

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