Skill issue guilds

Why are so many guilds skill issue

yeah why cant there be more guilds like omega which arent skill issues

uh. whos gonna tell him

not me

All the good members are taken. We can only train people now.

Exactly. I did see someone with potential earlier today. He was playing for 1 week and he almost beat me. Then again, I was warming up :man_shrugging:
And I was mostly talking about new guilds lol. Not competitive ones

New guilds? Why are you complaining about that?

You do realize that’s how we get into lb right?

yea but I like a challenge while fighting. It’s fun. It’s why I like to 1v1 suncry eclipse.

What exactly do you mean my skill issue guilds?

guilds that run and don’t fight back literally at all. I’m talking about when they have the advantage yet they still run. I could understand running if the other guild had the advantage :man_shrugging:

oh like that guild we 2v4’d and all 4 of them ran
wasnt their name like crimson crescent or smth

… Well… you see…

Yeah lmfao. They were pathetic. Reminds me, I got their usernames. TIME TO WARP.

wait what

I saved their usernames, none are online though :frsob:

Why can’t everyone be like endericnoodles

. Bro. Stop the cap.

@twoleggedabomination get the damn pics

or waiting till AO