Skill note question

So lets say I have a scimitars of storm. Say I disarmed it. Would I get the “rare” version of the skill notes, or would I get “common ones”?

btw I haven’t played the update for more than an hour, and I am a week late, hence why I am less knowledgeable about the skill notes.

And to add on, does this apply to any weapon that is a bossdrop?

theres no rare or common versions of skills, they are all the same and have altered stats depending on what weapons you put them on

nope, rare skill notes come from weapon abilities that are exclusive to rare weapons by default (so when you obtain the weapon). Rising tide, ethereal flash, fury of the sea, crushing judgement, storm of arrows and powershot are the ones i remember but there might be more

SoS dosent have a rare skill, and all the skills on it(that we can get rn) are skills we can get from normal weapons, so they will be common notes

if you disarm something like Stromcaller, which has a rare skill, that one will be a rare note but the rest would be common notes