Skip school to play ao or get a education

What kind of moron skips school to play ao

what happened to him
bro took the L
“This is why you shouldn’t skip school if you have a AO obssession kids!”

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Bro mimicked the screams of the lost souls in hell as he was getting spanked :sob:

Context? Won’t load for me

Bros getting the spanking of his life :skull:

Weak generation sounds like screams of lost souls from tartarus

Moral of the Story: don’t do anything that’ll tick off your mother, especially for a dumb reason like AO

a mother’s wrath is not to be underestimated :fearful:


it wasn’t the spank
that’s the familiar sound of a metal belt buckle hitting flesh

Rookie mistake, bro forgot to block parry dodge the belt and got stunlocked as a result

bro turned around and saw him mom at the door with the belt standing like this :sob: :sob: :sob:

A worthy punishment for missing one parry

What in actual fuck I’m hearing right now…