Sky Island Home System

Sky Island Home System
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Skyships in the game is a wasted potential if I’m going to be honest and looking at the trello, the only ships planned are water-based so that makes me think vetex isn’t planning on adding more types of skyships. If that’s the case then I would have a suggestion that gives skyships another use. This suggestion would also somewhat make use of an old feature in World of Magic.

Home System

  • There would be preset clouds in every server that reflects the max player count, that is if vetex plans on adding or reducing the max player count. All preset clouds would have a blank island, acting like a sky version of a wilderness island.

  • Using the claiming flag, they would be able to claim the sky wilderness island but it would not be dedicated to the player’s clan and instead the player themselves. When pressing “show sky islands” in the map, the unclaimed islands would have a clouded icon just like the unexplored islands and named “???” unless it is claimed by a player then the island will show up normally and named after the player.

  • New Tool: Building Hammer

  • Using the building hammer, a UI will show up that includes a crafting list and owned furnitures and buildings. The most basic furniture would be chairs, bed and table while the most basic building would be a small house and farming plot to farm any type of plant-based food that was firstly obtained. Each update should at least have a few more furnitures and buildings added.

  • Crafting furnitures and buildings would only cost galleons, this would give more reasons to waste galleons in a meaningful way aside from repairing boats and for trades.

  • The sky island can be upgraded up to three times, doing so would increase the size of the island which makes more room for furnitures and buildings. This can be seen when holding the building hammer with an icon showing an island with an arrow pointing up.

  • Players are not immune to damage here.

End Note - This should probably only be added after the building update. One of the main use of this is really just for farming food where you’ll have no competition against but at the cost of low procurement and also to invite your friends over to have a nice chat in a house or something.


The sky island concept is very interesting, but I don’t know how well vetex can execute that in code and not have it break the optimization of the game.

As for the building hammer, that feature’s planned after nimbus sea is out with you being able to build on claimed islands. (and yes i know that you put the note in there, but just saying my thoughts here)

I like this idea gives more reasons to actually be in the sky rather than you know just for sky pumpkins

even if it’s not player based, if wilderness sky islands become claimable I can see a way to grow sky fruits like this

will players be able to warp here (CD maybe?) and will players be able to farm crops here?
maybe pull this in with spawn points you can choose from i’m done with getting spawncamped at ravenna

Dunno about warping but ig they can set their spawn to there similar to the candles in the brig, it’s up to vetex that is if he has time to check suggestions anyways

it’d be nice for candles there to be set automatically when they’re set there for next time you join the game until you put them out; with how laggy the game is now and how many players can’t even play with how laggy it is, doesn’t seem to be toooo reasonable or necessary right now, in the future would be awesome to see especially with your own plants being grown and kitchen!

I can only agree with this


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