Sky ships yo!¡! 🤯

So when I saw the new sky ships on Twitter, I just GOT to draw it (and with a pinch of Peter pan reference and too much pastel color that even hurts my eyeballs haha :eyes::rofl:)


One piece vibes coming

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Is one piece good? (Never watch that anime before)

It is I’m currently waiting for more dubbed episodes of it to come out.

I watched over 700 episodes of it.
It was pretty fun until I was forced to switch to South Park.

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Welp I’m tempted to put it on my watch list, thx a bunch

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No problem it’s pretty good with some minor slumps here and there but it’s a great show.

It also has sky islands in it.

I wish underwater towns exist like in One Piece though.

My eyes hurting with all of these colors is worth it :nod: :+1:

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ramming my ship into the nearest sky island :sunglasses::+1:

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