Skyhall's King discovers Sea-dweller cuisine

oh god dammit

I dont care whatever AWE or Vetex says this dude is canon

Shut up scum

Wait. Are we going to talk about how he bit off the crust only?


If this mfer actually puts (sky) lemons on a pizza, I will fly up to Skyhall as my Mage file and force feed him a spiked ball of gold down that yapper he calls a mouth!

(Anyways, epic art :+1:)

hey ghostly reminder that if skyhall british then icarus is british now time to go back to never talking on forums

I agree.


canonically half the AU is british so it wouldn’t be out of place

I kinda imagine skyship trawlers dragging nets behind to catch flocks of birds, or some other trick that might work thanks to lore reason (x).

Bruh how do people know what the skyhall king looks like already? or am I stupid and this guy is in the bronze sea sky islands?

they made him up

This is just a fan-made interpretation of skyhall’s king, this is in no way his official design

This guy is not real and he’ll never be real

Ooooooh I see, he looks cool tbh

I imagine they purposefully make it go down to the sea to occasionally catch ships and charge them for damages