Small Change to Trading

Small Change to Trading
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One issue I find alot of times when trading is that I’m not allowed to send “bad” trades.
The galleon value of what I’m offering always has to be equal or higher to what I’m asking for.

It should either be a setting for people to be unable to receive “bad” trades or outright removed, this mechanic serves literally 0 purpose, you’re given a confirm prompt when you click accept on a whole different part of the screen, if somebody accidentally trades away their headless because of this, that’s their fault.

The mechanic doesn’t really prevent scams either, I mean lets be real, a 1000 galleon trade ain’t cutting it for sunken gear or headless.
(the only things people seem to care enough to try and scam for)

Sometimes I just want to ask a mage for their 20 billion bullets and arrows because they sure as hell aren’t using them.

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imo just have a setting to enable incoming “bad” trades
(98% of the time theyre not bad)

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That or just have a warning prompt when accepting a ‘bad’ trade. This prompt should be able to be toggled on and off in the settings menu.

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there’s already a warning prompt on literally every trade you accept lol

Agreed, esp. when I’m trying to gift something (ie: a strength weapon when I’m conjurer) or receiving a gift.

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in my opinion the system should be completely removed since its incredibly scuffed and does more harm than good


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