(Small Suggestion) Add bounty board near Cpt.Larcos

(Small Suggestion) Add bounty board near Cpt.Larcos https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/d/b/db2aa77f650b8b729384cf33e8b7a1496501de95.jpeg
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So there is lvl 100, Neutral repeatable quest on shell island, named “Shell island Criminals”. It can be accessed by talking with Ravenna Centurion Cpt.Larcos, you needd to hunt ANY criminal and in return Larcos will give you 5.3k exp and 33 galleons.

In contrast, in Tiberia, Ravenna there is similar quest to Cpt.Larcos’. - Leo’s “Assassins in Tiberia”. Its lvl 93 Negative quest, where player needs to assassinate anyone for 9k exp and 135 galleons. We can see some similarities even tho one is repeatable and other is not - we need to go hunt someone and we will get something. And what nice about Leo’s location and quest, is that in his small lair, we can find a “contract board”, so we can immideatly find ourself a contract.

While for Cpt.Larcos’ quest we need constantly run from bounty board in the village to the ravenna camp.

The suggestion

So how about we put additional bounty board near Cpt.Larcos?
Its pretty nice quality of life addition, so that players dont need to run coupels of times from there to there just to check if there are any criminals on island and who would they hunt. So instead players could look at the bounty board near Captain, and take both poster and a quest.
Something like this…

Mention that its a “contract board” and not “bounty board” in the comments, i dare you…


There is already a bounty board nearby. Even if its not directly by him, I dont think it makes sense to have multiple so close. You did clarify its a small suggestion so im not going to give it a bad rating because it may still happen.

paper mario board :scream:

I didnt even know that this quest was a thing they should definitely add a CONTRACT board there because is unfair that there is a CONTRACT board right next to the quest for neg rep.

i dont see why not

erhmm… its a CONTRACT board, not a BOUNTY board

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Honestly a useless thing to add as there’s already one bounty board in Shell Island but makes the quest and bounty hunting easier in the area.

Oddly specific, but it makes sense and immediately helps the player figure out what to do. Also there is a contract dude near Leo as well so that admittedly weak argument falls flat.

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