Smugglers' place

before one of the update, at Ruins of Charon, there were many smugglers like wanted smith, wanted alchemist, and more. But now there is not a single smuggler there. Maybe the smugglers all just spawned there together by chance or maybe it was removed. I hope they would fix or do anything so the smugglers come back. I have been trying to find a wanted metal worker for a long time. When I go to a town the metal worker would run from me because I am a tyrant

because im a tyrant
Erm, then just go to council bases and arrest your self multiple times if your not lazy

Metalworkers, smugglers and all that sort spawn randomly around the map in usual locations where bandits would spawn. Unfortunately, you do have to search around to find them. Clearing your bounty and going to town to access vendors is probably your best bet at obtaining and upgrading gear, though.

I do not want to raise my rep. I am proud of my bounty