Snare Glitch

What were you doing before bug occurred: Fighting Ravenna Ensign Crew

Steps to reproduce: Not completely sure. I was assisting someone with battling the Ravenna Ensigns then when I used my snare I ended up getting frozen, I think the target died when I was moved to them and so it didn’t carry out the full attack and instead froze me in position. According to the logs I believe the snare targeted Tertius, and since there was another player with me then they most likely killed them, or they died by burning or melting, since the other player had magma and I use fire, the snare then moving over to them but not proceeding with the script since they died. Or maybe they just got evaporated right before.

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game):


Did you unequip the magic tool whilst using the snare? If so, that can cause the glitch too

To stop it, reqquip the magic tool and press the snare button

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