Snow magic badly illustrated


Is that… Elsa?

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yeah thats elsa. lol

wow it really does look like elsa

Guess you just gotta let it go.

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One cannot improve if they have negative views on their own creation

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okay i give up i hate drawing now

lol nice one

there’s snow way this is bad…
that was cold.

this is a nICE drawing.

ill see myself out

Ow those puns hurt my soul

wym, I think all my art fucking sucks
thinking your art is garbage means you realize you have room to grow/learn

being content is for the weak

Hmm I think your art is garbage, in a good way. 10/10

i cant do this anymore

I like your blocky and bold outline style

I personally love this drawing! I’m a big fan of angular art styles (although I have lots of trouble using that style in my own work ;w;) and I think you’ve done that quite nicely. Great work!

Thinking badly of your artwork is a good way to quickly lose motivation. While it’s healthy to acknowledge flaws within your art, it is always helpful to point out parts that you like so you can develop your own style.