Snow Warlock standing menacingly

A render of @archrono snow warlock standing menacingly, prepared to react to any danger.

It’s been five times I’ve been making free renders for a birthday present. and I hope I can always continue doing this.

Good things have to end eventually, but I hope this good things will last long.

I also want to say thanks for the likes and support of my renders! I’m glad all of you seems to enjoy what I made even when it’s not too related to AO.


the effects and lighting in this one are so good !! you’ve really outdone yourself with this render ^^

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He’s just standing there… MENACINGLY…

Cold :cold_face: :+1:

rendering skills go crazy


im gonna use it as my channel banner, ill try and move ur signature so it can be seen (unless u wanna move it urself)

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Woah, Ice warlock got drip! :speaking_head::snowflake::snowflake:

Better than my warlock drip. :frcryin:

Don’t tell him to “chill out” or “let it go”. You won’t see the end of the snowstorm.

so what, do we just give him the cold shoulder?

Sure, go ahead

gyaaaaaatt gamingjango325 should get one

When is your birthday? because I make this free renders as a birthday present.

And welcome to this forum! I hope you are having a good time staying here.

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all good man no need to! enjoy yourself :grin:

(february 16th)

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Now, I know ive asked you atleast once before on one of these posts for the shirt ID, but my real question is how you get ahold of the ingame assets and sutch. Also really cool design looking forwards to seing more of these!

Most AO assets that are used are from the Roblox catalog itself but retextured to suit the theme.

for the shirt ID, I found it by opening Dev Console and opening the “GraphicTextureCharacter” and just trying my luck by entering the numbers shown.

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Thank you! Ive been looking for as many AO shirt/pants ids as possible

Snow thermo better :speaking_head: