So... are Golden Apples any more common now?

I swear I read something about changing the spawn rates of certain reagents in the patch notes somewhere, but I haven’t heard anybody talking about it. Did it actually happen or was I just hallucinating?

search it up on trello mate then come back

Nah, Vet didn’t get around to adjusting reagent drop rates this patch.

what do u even use them for

I think that you use them for ironskin
But since they’re so fucking rare I don’t know (I never got one)

that and high-quality Blocking Power Jewels

the disparity between Coppershroom rarity and this is ridiculous

Copper shrooms are rlly easy to farm

Yes, that was the point I was making

Coppershrooms? For their effect, they’re stupidly easy to find. Auric Seaweed, Aeroplast, Stormsalt, and Luminous Coral? All of those have niche uses, but are easy to find. Thornflowers? Same deal, but they just add Attack Destruction. Useless, but easy to get.

Golden Apples? I get that they add to your Blocking Power, but you may as well get Pokerus with how rare they are.

And it’s crazy because Vetex doesn’t even seem to realize that they’re rarer than they’re supposed to be? I’m like 90% sure their natural spawning is broken, and if it isn’t, it’s ridiculously overtuned. Something needs to change.

youre right it is broken
and youre right, it does need to change :sob: . At the start of the brewing update some people did get them but nowadays its nearly impossible/just impossible to get them outside of chests

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