So does this mean 6 guns?

Like can I have dual pistols, bronze dual pistols, and then plunderers AT ONCE??


i dont think you could have two of the same item but in different tiers equipped at the same time with this change

yeah that’s what I’m confused about

so like I can have triasta and noble thunderspear on at once?

this change lets you have multiple of a weapon type, i believe not multiple of a specific weapon but with different tiers

yeah so I CAN triasta and spear

you can already have 6 guns
now you can have
dual pistols
for a total of 7 guns

We are cooking

shanks if he was american

Sunken sword plus the atlantean cutlass

no you fucking buffoon, have you never tried to use dual bronze and dual pistols before? IT CANT BE THE SAME WEAPON CATHEGORY


Check the trello
You can equip something like thalassi and sunken sword now, but not two sunken swords

if you read more than just the title you would know that I was talking about the new update


Yay sunken sword and samerian scimitar

sunken scimitar

Cant you do this already?

no bec they are both polearm wweapons