So I bought AC Valhalla Ultimate edition today

Credits to @Tobi in making me do this, fuck you

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is good game, have it myself. As a norwegian i had to make my ancestors proud

N*rwegian :nauseated_face:

Rake we all know your poor and you cant buy the game so cry about it to tobi


STFU :pensive:

cry about it

says the F*mboy :nauseated_face:

not racist enough to be funny :pensive:


If you like Valhalla, give Shadow of War a shot.
Its like an Open World RPG… Sandbox.

I’m no good at explaining games so just look up a review that doesn’t start screaming about microtransactions that don’t even exist anymore (and never effected the game to begin with).
Even those ones will go on about how great literally everything but that is.

You need almost 0 knowledge about the first game or TLoTR to enjoy the game.

do i get to be friends with uruk-hai buddies??

aw man i would buy shadow of war right now because its on sale but i need my wallet to take a break man : (

For some reason I didn’t get either of these notifications.

Yes. The nemesis system is awesome.

Its a 4 year old game, its bound to be on sale again.
Maybe a sequel will get announced, that’d be great.

YEEEES, I am almost 200 hours in and still have at least another 30 hours of content to go through (including the Seige DLC which I won’t be getting). You will enjoy the game even more if you are really into the lore of AC. Also, I recommend the first thing you do when getting to England is get the mentor set. It’s the sexiest Assassin armor in-game (besides the Basim outfit you can get from the Ubi store) and has really good stats. Also, you can get a free 1 handed sword from the Ubi store for 100 ubicredits, and it has the Assassin logo on it. Goes well with the set.

My only advice is to wait till buying the second season pass (yes Ubistupid is charging for ANOTHER season pass for second-year content/DLC).


wait whats this game :skull:

y-you’re raiding it right??

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ofc ofc. Sacking, pillaging, raiding, the whole deal.

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Sacking? :flushed:

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