So it’s my birthday…

I was 12 yesterday.
No joking.
I’ve been 11 since around the time I joined the forums.
I am a fucking retard for doing this.

I remember about 1 month into Project Pain I realised: oh god im an underaged doing something like this.
and it just hit me like a bullet train.
and god did I try to keep this a secret, I acted probably more mature than other underages.

ok bye.


and thank god i dont have to add www. anymore

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Uh oh. You were a part of this community. Unfortunately, terms of use are existing

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Happy birthday man, werent you stick figure pfp man?

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and I have avoided them for nearly 2 years :trol:



Haha, I see. I havent been here in a while.

Happy birthday

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Even though I don’t even know who you are I still respect this honesty when you reached like 13 and told everybody you were underaged for 2 years :sunglasses:

Wait I know who you are I just forgor :skull:
Tell us how the fuck you overcome pedophiles in 2021 :cold_face:


happy birthday, you masochist forumer on forum

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just pretend you’re overage.
I told people I was 14 a year ago, 13, and then 15
then again, this was a terrible idea.

to be fair i joined vetcord when i was 12, now im 18 :agonizing:
it is quite easy to keep to your words about your false age until you let it go
anyways, happy birthday g :sunglasses: :cake:


So you said
You were 14, then you said you were 13, then you said you were 15, now you said you were 13
Was this your age record? :moyai:


little bit of trolling


Wat…? I guess goodbye.

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oh im staying

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Almost same

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Dude, this forum is like incurable sickness. If you join it… Almost 0% chance to leave it. Btw happy birthday


I could’ve left at any point, that was on my mind a few months back.
instead i accidentally became an empathetic

that reminds me, the moment I became an empathic i was just laughing my head off

makes sense

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