...So long, Mastery/Awakened

Don’t Panic. These skills are NOT going away.

The old system of obtaining them is though. Now i’m curious as to what the replacement is :thinking:


I do wonder what is going to replace it though


Prolly something more intuitive/fun/story-involved. I’m super down for it.


The replacement’s kinda obvious imo:
Strength & Magic levels.
We already got it confirmed by Witherald that Fighting Style skills get unlocked with Strength levels, so why won’t Magic levels do the same?
Plus AA style spell learning moment.

when did witherald confirm that

So we back to AA?

So you’re saying once you get to a high enough magic level, you suddenly get a primordial? I highly doubt that will happen.

Primordials will be probably like legendary weapons.

We’re talking about magic tiers, not magic types

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as long as i can get my fire sword im satisfied

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Uh, no.
This is tiers, as Macobre said.
Where did you get magic types from?

I misread it.

Very cool. People actually read my thing

So long, Sand dragon :frcryin:

i wonder what vetex will do after AO is done