So ruben sim has FINALLY released the first episode of his response to the lawsuit


also please look at the entire video

idk if it was smart for him to upload this. The entire thing feels surreal, mans being sued for 1.6 million then makes a generic 10 minute video discussing it lmao

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I counted only one joke in the entire video, so you can tell that hes pissed

desert scenery

What’s even funnier is that the tag “twink” was in there

Roblox seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Mans exposed all of the shit that goes in in RBLX
not surprised in the slightest for all the shit they’ve done in the past, especially after Suing Ruben for $1.6 Mil instead of, oh, I don’t know, giving their employees a raise, or y’know FUCKING UPDATING THE AS SERVERS JESUS FUCK

The fact that I’m still on the platform is a miracle in of itself

this might be the biggest turning point in roblox this year
if ruben wins, roblox might finally become better again after everything is exposed
if ruben loses, roblox is going to be dead

Of course roblox is suing him.

He’s talking about all the shit they’re letting happen on their playform that they should be suing people over.

What did you think they’d do? Take criticism?