So Technically i just doodled martin, again, but with a nice hat



i would like to add this is inspired by @Mirage recent atlantean related works, and desided ya know what, imma draw my guy as an atlantean, and turned my shoulder crow into a shoulder starfish

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i wonder how he tastes deepfried with cursed mushrooms on the side, sauced with warding potions and herbs

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MARTIN MY SHINING STAR!!! he looking so snazzy after the invasion, that’s my king of the atlanteans!!

jkjk, your character looks so awesome mutated!!! i love the little starfish detail, oml thats so creative

would definitely not want to encounter this guy out on the sea, would probably get my face ripped off before i could get a proper look at him :sob::sob:


I should add him to the AWE religion books…

do not forget, that starfish can still alert that lost Captain

(they only got mutated because that version of my shoulder crow doesn’t have virtous)

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ngl thinking about mutated argos got me wondering, would he have a shell head that keeps like the helmet’s red hair or would he be a guy with a lionfish head and lionfish body with toxic contagious spikes on his body, where the spikes would infect you?

like the spikes penetrated through the armor to reveal orange like spikes, while the armor is still slightly there?

the design i have for him might change as i made it without too much thought, but his helmet fused with his face as his mutated flesh grew around it, and the lionfish spines sprouted out of his back (and resemble his lance weapon)

I based his clothing off of his Stage 2 and 3 boss battle designs, which is why he lacks most of his armor, but i might change that if i draw him again

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A Modified Shell head type head would kinda be fitting for that helmet infusing you’re referring to ngl

He looks like he likes to go fishing

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a matter of fact before he mutated he was a guy who fished so much he’d fish everyday with his crew as a hobby

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had a fucking idea, what if he had 2 very long strong arms while having literally disabled legs that don’t work

thats basically what he looks like rn!!! his legs were completely crushed under Fort Talos so now he crawls around the ruins

But that just makes his arms completely JACKED, so hes able to launch himself at targets and make his way towards them at alarming speeds

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This is terrifying to think about, but it fits his build.

bro is LOCKED IN once he catches sight of u, atp its useless to run since he knows Talos’s layout so well

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bendy chapter 5 style

The Lionfish