So, What is gonna happen to all the Magic currently in game?

It’s ONE MONTH after peacekeeper killed Durza, where did all the mutations come from lmfao

Mutations are supposed to be REALLY high levelled in AA, so how are mutations so commonplace?

Also, Lost magic and Primordial Magic,

Lost magic is Magic the Peacekeeper doesn’t even have

Primordial magic is said to be obtained through Hex marks in WoM, and said that even a long time ago (Presumably in AA times), only a few people obtained them from gods

So what, are we gonna go find gods or smth

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some lost magics are mutations

they’re on the entire other side where it could be more common and such. they also have tons of wars, and wars usually lead to new developments

also about this, this is literally where the gods got killed, so it’s possible the gods had some well hidden primordial magic’s ir something

It’s an entirely different half of the world so it would be very reasonable for the development to be entirely different. However, despite this not being too unrealistic, it is very lackluster, so I’d hope a more in-depth explanation were formed. I’d honestly say that the lore for WoM could just be continued, just say that the Peacekeeper arose several islands rather than a whole continent and that many of the ideas of old were dissolved, including cultural significance (we’re assuming Vet carries through with the culture removal despite my disapproval), some forms of technology, etc. You could make a storyline out of that, with all the relics of old being forgotten and having to be rediscovered, through forceful, villainous, ultra-utilitarian attempts to advance forward society.