So will thermo ever get buffed? (it got worse 😭)

Your entire argument is saying that since you dont know how to win with thermo it’s bad, and calling me an AI wich is just plain immaturity. Please grow up, you’re acting like a child “sorry I dont speak binary code”

this isn’t even remotely close to what I said, don’t straw man me here.

I have actually beaten a decent handful of people, and I can safely say it definitely doesn’t feel very good to use.

boo hoo hoo welcome to the internet jackass

That’s exactly what you said tho? “I used it, it’s awfull” with no future arguments.

You can check EP numbers.

I don’t appreciate what is downright slander.

that doesn’t translate into “I don’t know how to beat people with thermo” lmao

where is blud’s reading comprehension?!?

happy birthday :birthday:

I you think it’s actually awfull it’s that you’re not using it properly. It’s just outshined by other stuff.

let’s break down all of the things I’ve noticed about why thermo just doesn’t feel amazing/feels downright blegh:

-you cant start a fight with max heat, that sucks

-though the heat charging during combat is fast…ish…, I don’t really like how my damage is pretty lackluster

-get max heat, awesome! but I’m barely rewarded anything besides some shitty DoT + a speedboost, which the speed is great and all but that’s literally all that changed.

-none of this is mentioning the fact that thermo is smaller than a tardigrade and the crash distance is pathetically mid

-also I might not be remembering this one right, but I don’t think the speedbuff actually really affects my endlag

Because it’s fucking busted otherwise.

You’re inteded to use it’s speed, chain moves rapidly.

The speed boost is a huge deal

For the size, aim. I stated before that I do agree the Crash range is lackluster but that’s really not it’s main issue.

It does, at 12,5% effeciency if I’m not mistaken.

-0.1 faster than boxing
-no size buff, no damage buff
-ass DoT

yes, very OP! this would surely destroy the balancing of the game :fearful:

easier said than done when your moves are about the same size as opticalcord’s brain

Honestly I didn’t really notice it and I feel like it’s recreatable with something like high attack speed on another FS

I might need to mess around with it again then. but I swear that my endlag wasn’t really changed.

Sailor (Min) = 67
Sailor (Max) = 80
Thermo (Min) = 68
Thermo (Max) = 74 (80.2 W dot)
Iron Leg = 74 (83.4 W dot)
Basic = 76
Boxing = 75

That’s litteraly a just aim situation, and aim is barely neccessary in cqc.

It’s slight, the startup reduction is the big deal.

thermo is decent in pvp but dogpiss in pve simple as that

i think i missed a couple of chapters.

tried using thermo in pve and it really doesn’t feel all that good tbh

bro said double dots suck

if fire fist was a race I would be like super ultra racist

Fire, acid, and possibly plasma thermo are busted because of the dots

it kinda is because last time I checked it makes the tick damage weaker

(not to mention, thermo DoT doesnt even last very long)

so we’re trolling