Solid High jumps

I’m an ice user, and I cannot stress how much I hate the platform that’s created when I use high jump. I’m here to list 3 issues that I have with the platform that is created after using a high jump spell.

  1. You can hover your mouse over it, so if you wanna use a spell after it like a projectile, you might just end up aiming at the platform you created and firing at it instead of where you wish to aim.

  2. Your platform might sometimes be created faster than the speed of which you jump (can depends on fps and ping or if your pillar is below 50%), resulting in you getting flung or “falling over” due to how roblox physics works. At times you don’t get flung, your legs will glitch into the platform that’s being created which decreases your jumping upwards speed by a lot, and makes you stutter whilst you jump.

  3. I feel like the way it’s meant to look like is that the pillar is meant to rise you in the air instead of you just jumping up with a platform below you, but it doesn’t look like that at all since your platform either creates faster than you jump or you jump faster than your platform creates, and in both cases it ends up look extremely ugly and uncanny.

But, at least the platform that it does create has 1 advantage that I’ve found. You can use a high jump spell and then T jump off the pillar you created, and then whilst you’re coming down you can charge magic which is really cheesy and allows you to charge a good amount of magic in pvp without having to stand still like a sitting duck to be hit by incoming blasts or placed explosions. Alternatively, if you wish to escape combat, you could use a high jump spell, T jump and then high jump spell again and keep looping that process to gain insane height, which could be used to easily escape combat or get to really high up spots like the silent tower, but I only recommend you do this with a 40% high jump spell.