Solid Spell Jump Proposal

Solid Spell Jump Proposal
effort 2.0 1 quality 2.0 1 reasonability 5.0 1

So, any solid magic PvPer would have probably found out how wack high jumps are. They can get you stuck inside the high jump itself and spin you completely uncontrollably when using a spell, rendering that spell a guaranteed miss, it also ragdolls you onto the ground.

Make solid high jumps lose collision when using any other spells, weapon abilities and such (Movement such as high jump and spell jump will still have collision on

Bruh I don’t want my character suddenly spin around at 100mph and the enemy to get free hits in

nah bro i want to keep being a beyblade

but its a fair trade, if you time it correctly you can get a extra t jump or charge mid air

Nothing can collide with solid high jumps in TU. This was changed months ago and makes this issue no longer a problem. Your camera doesn’t glitch out at all

Already done

I meant, when you use a spell instantly after a solid high jump, it has a chance to spin you insanely

Was PvPing with glass magic yesterday, got stuck and spun 20% of the time after using a blast after a high jump

I know it does that in main game currently

and it’s been fixed


I’m dumb

Mod or leader pls close