Solomon Silver Doodle dump :)

My MC means the world to me for some reason, so im going to dump some doodles of him. Most of these are ones where im figuring out how he gets around without his leg in AO. Im personally disabled and like being able to project that onto ocs too, so figuring out how someone like me would live in this world is really nice. Also, Solomon is just really fun to draw

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You know I’m actually sort of similar

I like projecting some types of disabilities I see in myself and giving them to my characters so they feel more individual.

For example, corrina (the girl who uses wind) canonically has ADHD which makes her so hyperactive and jumpy, while Her twin brother Vega has autism since I have that too. It’s always cool designing from experience and traits you have.


Does he get a prosthetic leg later on? Also how did he lose his leg in the AO universe if you don’t mind me asking ‘3’

When i was playing once, at like level 16, i got attacked by white eyes, so canonically, it was white eyes! And yes, he does get a prosthetic leg. It looks a lot like armor because he hides it, and he uses it for Iron Leg style!

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Yeah! My adhd ends up showing up in most of my ocs, but i get nervouse sometiems with my physical disability. I have to walk with a cane and it can be really humilitaing or disheartening when i cant do something “normal” people can. So i wanted a character who is just like me and finds his way around that problem. Its probably why i like solomon so much


That is super adorable that your disabled file, in spite of his handicap, still manages to navigate his life through the War Seas despite carrying a huge disadvantage everyday.

He’s doing his best, he just wants to be a hero :slight_smile:

Love your MC design! It’s so neat that you add a bit of yourself to him, I think that sort of personal touch makes them all the more real and, I think, explains why they can mean the world to both the artist and the people who enjoy the art! I can’t wait to see more of Solomon.

Question : are they into fishing? I might know a grumpy half dressed conjurer who is always looking for a fishing buddy.

Solomon doesnt like being too close to to open sea after getting his leg bit off but he likes fishing in ponds and at a safe distance away from the water, but mainly because he likes food. But now i wanna draw our characters fishing next to each other!!!


Hey, if fishing ain’t it, we can always cook a meal together : )

This is really nice art but I’m kind of conflicted because I’ve had a character named Solomon Silver since WoM and this is a really weird coincidence

liked anyway

Woah that is kinda strange lol

bet a nice prosthetic like that would cost an arm and a leg in this time period

Edward Elric core

Wait so do you have a prosthetic leg? Not tryna offend I’m just genuinely curious since it’s not every day you see this type of thing.

No, but I do walk with a cane. I was paralyzed from the waist down and don’t have all my feeling in my legs. They actually nearly cut them off, but I got lucky