Some concerns about AO

so we all have probably seen the recent fighting leak video “hot and cold” that came out, and I gotta say, that was a pretty cool video to watch, however we got to witness the power of cold based synergies, things like ice and water mainly, and now I’m a tad bit worried

call me being dumb but, is AO doomed to become another cheesy stun meta with things like lightning + water + ice + snow and so on? I mean heat magics have their own version of this too but it seems that freeze is generally more effective and easier to apply since most of the cold stuff is faster, which means that most people are going to use cold based magics kinda making everything else feel… forgotten.

I might be blowing this way out of proportion but does anyone have similar concerns?

probably will be nerfed, of course this clip was when the awakenings were first made, and there arent any balancing changes yet.
expect to see some balancing patch notes soon


Frozen lasts 2 seconds and can be broken out by using any move, and (like every status effect) can’t be applied for 3 seconds after already being applied, so you can’t instantly freeze someone right after they break out. In the Hot n Cold video, there was only 1 instance where kuru managed to actually land a hit while his opponent was frozen. Personally I do think people are blowing the frozen thing out of proportion, but we haven’t played the game yet so nobody can say for sure.

Petrified can be proc’d in the same way frozen can, which is by using ash on a burning target. So thermo + ash is the same as sailor’s + ice. However as I mentioned before, I doubt that the stun problem will be as big of a deal as majority of people believe it will be.

A bunch of magics will basically have an automatic damage boost of like 25% while using imbuement, so I’m certain there will be many other viable combinations that rival or surpass frozen.

If it does turn out to be a problem though, there’s still 2 weeks for testers to give vetex feedback about things that are too broken and should be nerfed or buffed, so what we saw may not be the final product.


the balance team got a lot of stuff rn to suggest


If I was on the team I’d say nerf water’s damage ngl

like it should be like wind

bro has no business being that big, fast, and damaging

as someone said in suncry general
“i dont think the stun is as big of an issue as the 200 damage with 1.4k hp and magic size”


Notice that only one hit was actually score because of the stun. Theres lots of other combos some not even based off of synergies just combining stats of stuff like light and thermo to make very fast attacks.

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yeah i feel like that’s a bit too good.

“attack size build”
yeah thats some pretty big DAMAGE NUMBERS

200 damage 1.4k hp 104 magic size
something seems a little off there

What he said, almost everything awakening wise has yet to be balance adjusted. There have been talks about nerfing imbuement synergy interactions but that’s up in the air.

AO is a PVE, Story driven world first, PVP second. So people getting crazy about metas and what not are just destroying their own experience with the game because they want the best build.

Id say for everyone’s first file, create a build you just visually/aesthetically like. Don’t worry about the pvpers or whats meta because even on release, if your building a build for a specific meta, I can say that it will be nerfed eventually and then your going to hear people complain about them building a build specifcally for that thing and now its not as viable.


no :smiley:

i think this is just a problem with sailor fists downside being way too heavily mitigated by its power
-20 hunger wont matter much in the middle of a battle if you are fully prepared, so its possible that sailor fists meter just doesnt go below 50%. its pretty much just better basic combat at this point (better stats + synergies)

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ngl how is losing 20 hunger any kind of punishment when you can just overeat a little

It’s not supposed to be a punishment, it’s just meant to balance it out

yeah but it’s a really comically ineffective way to “balance” it out

Right, like I’m going crystal. Because I think it’ll be cool and the few synergies it has are cool.

Im probably gonna make comically large poison clouds then ignite them. :grin: Probably not meta but who cares

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might be nice for PvE tbh

i think igniting them makes it do all of the tick damage at once, probably very not good for pvp but very nice for pve