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Vale: The Story of The Wyvern
An elaboration on the somewhat underdeveloped events of the war ages and magic war.
Y=Year, sometimes referred to as WA (War Ages)
The Birth of Vale
WA 763
In the year WA 763, known as just 763 at the time, a baby was born on the small Greek island
of Aegina in a time of great war. Small as the island was, it was largely known as one of the
world’s naval superpowers. Aegina was the home of one of the only mints in Greece, with
currency accepted all across the Mediterranean. The island was named after the Nymph Aegis,
who had been sent there by Zeus centuries before. Vale lived in the small village Arches, a
fishing village who made most of its money from the import and export of Yellowfin Tuna.
WA 770
Vale lived a mostly normal childhood, and quite enjoyed sword fighting. In fact, Vale was
somewhat of a natural. Instead of a rooster, Vale’s family had him, up at the crack of dawn, with
the sound of metal clashing against the poor unfortunate training dummies that got in his way.
He was more of the quiet type, tending to avoid conversation and focus most of his energy on
his training. As a result of this, Vale didn’t have many friends. Vale’s father did not believe in
gods and mythological creatures and tried as hard as possible to reinforce these beliefs in his
WA 778
By the age of 15, Vale had become the most skilled swordsman in his village. This angered his
father, because as impressive as the art of sword fighting is, his father was stubborn and
wanted to carry on the tradition of fishing. They argued constantly, and his father did everything
in his power to prevent him from training. Like most people his age, Vale owned his very own
ship. It was a small sloop he liked to call ‘The Blade of Arches’. He was quite the sailor, but not
so much a fisherman. When he set sail, he avoided fishing as much as possible and instead
visited other islands to challenge like minded swordsmen. At home, against his father’s wishes,
Vale had become known as a protector of some sorts.
The Trials of Athena
WA 780
On a very foggy morning, Arches was attacked by the Silver Pirates, a small pirating group that
worshiped Hermes, god of thieves. They hit the shore at sunrise, and started stealing barrels off
the docks. Most people were not awake at this time, but Vale was already up, training. He ran
straight towards the docks to see what was going on. After the pirates had pillaged the docks
and taken all there was of value, they set fire to them. Vale arrived to see The Blade of Arches
up in flames as well as all other boats besides a few skiffs off to the side. At this point, most of
the town was awake in the square watching all of it unfold. Seeing his boat destroyed angered
Vale greatly. Vale fought off as many pirates as he could, but eventually he was cornered. The
pirates threatened to kill every living person in Arches if he did not leave. Vale thought about
fighting on, but knew he was greatly outnumbered. As he was leaving, he heard the pirates
order the citizens to board the remaining ships and sail as far away from Arches as possible.
Vale had failed as a protector and as a son. He ran for miles and miles inland, through forests
and over hills. He could see the smoke of his burning town miles away. At the top of one
particular hill was a temple with large stone steps. This was the Temple of Aphaia, one that Vale
had only heard of in legend and did not believe existed. The temple used to be owned by the
goddess Aphaia, but has since been taken control of by Athena herself. When Vale reached the
top, he could not believe his eyes. A woman sat on a marble bench inside, reading. The woman
asked why he was here, to which he then replied with everything that had just happened in the
past few days. The woman let out a sigh and explained that people do terrible things when
worshiping gods, thinking that their actions are what said god would have wanted. Vale asked
who she was. The woman revealed herself as the goddess Athena in human form. Vale, being
told deities don’t exist by his own father, was questioning everything he had ever believed in.
Was any of this real? Was the stress making him hallucinate? No. Vale could feel something in
the air, a presence. Athena spoke again, saying that if he wants to avenge his fallen town, it’d
be wise to train to become stronger since he has nothing to go back to. And that he did.
WA 790
Vale travelled around, amassing a following of Athena worshipers. This group however, was
defined by justice and patience. Vale vowed to never inflict pain on those who did not deserve it.
WA 795
After years of training, Vale decided to go after the silver pirates. He tracked them down to their
next attack on the island of Talaiporia. Vale had built himself a new ship, as well as his very own
fleet that he called ‘The Fleet of Arches’. He flew the flag of his old beloved town to remind the
pirates of what they had done all those years ago. His fleet greatly outnumbered that of the
Silver Pirates and he was able to take them down with ease. Upon returning to Aegina, he
rebuilt a town greater and larger than Arches that he called ‘New Arches’. He returned to Athena
in the temple to thank her for her guidance. Athena raised her arms, pointed towards Vale.
“Thank you for your worship.” Vale was confused. Something felt different about himself. “What
did you do to me?” Vale asked. Athena just replied, “Follow your own destiny.”
WA 797
Vale decided to find his parents, if they were even still alive, and bring them to his new city, or at
least get some sense of closure. Vale searched all over the gulf and surrounding islands and
finally located one of the boats that flew the Arches flag. It was docked right next to a cave with
small huts around it. Vale walked around the village, eventually locating a small fenced off area.
Inside was a stone… no, a gravestone… It was his mothers grave. Apparently she had been
killed by sickness. Vale was reminded of the failure once again. He walked into the cave to see
what was inside. Right there, sitting at a fire, was his father. They stared at each other blankly.
All his father said was ‘Get lost’.
The Age of Prosper
WA 802
Vale, now at the age of 39, was the best captain and warrior in the Saronic Gulf. For years he
sailed around with his fleet, protecting the innocent and purging the world of those who harm
them. Vale had not yet figured out what Athena had done to him, but noticed small things
changing around him.
WA 821
Vale discovered that he had the ability to influence the future of anyone he interacted with. The
only limit of this power was that using it made him very weak afterwards and he had to wait days
before using it again. The town of New Arches had grown greatly and was able to defend itself
from any pirates who dared to attack.
WA 846
Vale had grown very old, but was still a very capable warrior. New Arches had grown into a
powerful city, a place people could go to seek safety from pirates and other heathens. The Fleet
of Arches was feared all across the Mediterranean. People knew of Vale, but not his power. Vale
looked very young for his age.
WA 872
Vale had grown close with a captain who went by the name of Justin. Justin had recently turned
52 and had died of sickness while sailing. Vale discovered that while he could change the
course of people’s lives, he could not save them from death when it came.
WA 921
Vale, at the ripe age of 158, knew he could live far longer than the average human. Whatever
Athena had done to him had allowed him to age at a very slow rate. He could easily pass as
being in his 30s. His power was still new to him despite having it for hundreds of years. He had
not quite figured out how to control it. He knew such power needed a name. He thought back to
what Athena had said to him over a century ago. ‘Follow your own destiny’.
WA 991
With the power of destiny, Vale tried to save failing towns from collapse and New Arches was
now larger than even the town of Aegina. Vale tried to use his power as little as possible and
only on the people who needed it most, as it was still very much so unmastered.
The Age of Greed
WA 1000=Y001
Magic had been discovered, and Vale had gained the ability to control darkness. With this
power, he could cast shadow magic with his bare hands. This took a lot of energy, as magic
came straight from the soul. Many people around him had begun burning aurem as a gift to
Prometheus, god of magic, in order to make themselves stronger. Vale knew better than to
blindly give away aurem in exchange for more power. There had to be a reason Prometheus
wanted that aurem, beyond being ‘generous’ and ‘kind’.
Vale had unlocked his second mind, and gained control of lightning. He had travelled to the
Methana Peninsula, where he believed the volcano would enhance his magic to train. He had
left a sizable guard around New Arches, so he was not worried about any sort of raid. There
was a small village nearby where he frequently visited to buy food and other resources. This
village reminded him of his birthplace, the one he had left so many years ago. The inhabitants
were kind and willing to help any traveller passing by. He soon built himself a small cabin with
the wood he got from chopping down nearby trees, and with his lightning magic, he could start
fires very easily, so food and light were very easy to come by.
Vale noticed a strange sound coming from the peak of the volcano, so he went to investigate.
The air was smokey and hard to breathe. At the top were a few small eggs. Vale studied them.
They were green and light blue in color with a purple glimmer. After returning home, one
question burned in Vale’s mind. How could three small eggs utter such a loud noise? The next
day, after he returned, he soon got his answer. A huge magnificent winged beast came soaring
down with a sheep grasped in its back claws. This had to be the mother. Under the impression
that Vale was a threat to her children, she attacked. Volleys of spikes were flung at Vale, and the
beating of the creature’s wings blew him backwards. He had no choice but to fight back. Vale
fired a ball of shadow right at the creature, but it had used its own wing to protect itself.
Interesting, Vale thought to himself. This thing knows how to block. Vale retreated down the
mountain, holding a shield of shadow over his head to block the incoming spikes. At home, he
drew a sketch of what he saw. He remembered how fast the spikes flew towards him, how
powerful its wings were, and how it was able to strategize and protect itself.
Vale had spent years going back to the volcano and challenging the beast, just to learn more
about. He had gathered more and more information to the point of being able to predict its every
move. Vale had come to the conclusion that this beast was a wyvern, a powerful two legged
dragon. They can launch spikes towards you at alarming speeds and have very durable wings.
Vale had heard of stories about them, but did not believe they existed due to his father’s willful
ignorance. He did not wish to kill the wyvern. He knew that the not yet hatched eggs needed
someone to raise them.
Vale returned to the volcano again, but today, tragedy had struck. The mother wyvern laid dead
just in front of the nest. The beast had died of old age before it even got to be a parent. The
eggs started to crack, and small hatchlings resulted. These tiny creatures were unable to fly and
weak. They couldn’t have weighed more than a pound and were about 10cm long. One
hatchling was a dark shade of green, one light green, and one blue. There’s beauty in even
tragedy, you just have to know where to look.
Vale had raised them for years at this point, but wyverns were a slow maturing species. He had
given them names. The dark green was known as Power, the light green Justice, after the late
captain Justin, and the blue Destiny, as he felt they represented him the most. Power was
ambitious and eager to fight. Justice was strategic and calculating. Destiny was laid back but
fought when needed. They had all grown about 2 pounds and were over 25cm long.
Vale had unlocked his third mind, gaining control of water magic. He had become stronger than
some people who burned aurem for power, mostly due to sheer will and patience. The
hatchlings had grown into juveniles at this point. Vale had tamed them in a way, serving as
some sort of father figure. He was the only family they knew. They were now just over 90cm
long and spikes were starting to grow on the tips of their tails.
Vale noticed humans becoming power crazed and told himself he would never go to those
lengths to gain power at the sake of others. He used his power to prevent as many people as
possible from burning aurem, but his power could not influence gods. He decided that he
needed to keep the wyverns’ lives a secret until they were strong and old enough to defend
themselves. Vale experimented more with his wyverns’ seemingly magic proof wings, as they
were now strong enough to take a few hits. He knew to do this in moderation to not harm them.
Vale returned to New Arches with his now almost fully grown wyverns. They had gotten to be at
least ten meters in length with many rows of spikes on their tails. The volcano had grown
restless and this worried Vale enough to want to leave. Before leaving, he made sure he repaid
the citizens of the nearby village for the kindness with a promising future. They decided to leave
before the volcano inevitably erupted. The wyverns had gotten themselves their own roles in
New Arches, serving as the three guardians. Power served in the army, Justice on the seas, and
Destiny by Vale’s side.
The Age of Conflict
Vale’s worries were solidified when Prometheus usurped the throne of Mount Olympus from
Zeus. Humans were oblivious to what they had done and how they had completely thrown the
world out of balance. Vale vowed to defeat Prometheus, either directly or indirectly. His wyverns
were now completely fully grown, sporting at least 200 spikes on their tails and were about 15
meters long. He recognized the usefulness of their tails and used them strategically. After all,
who needs archers when you have wyverns to fire volleys of spikes?
War had broken out all over the world between people full of greed and jealousy. Everything had
become about power and aurem was the way to get it. Vale set sail to go into war with Destiny
and Justice. He left Power to stand guard at New Arches. Vale used the power of destiny to
influence as many as he could to join his cause. He had been trying to learn how to fly with the
wyverns, but thought flying them into battle was too risky because the spikes sometimes flew
overhead. The worst part about this war was that at this point there were no defined sides, just
scrambling factions fighting over power.
Vale had grown strong enough to evolve his shadow magic into a stronger form of itself. He
practiced his magic on giant sea monsters, refusing to harm any other life that did not deserve
He sometimes let Justice and Destiny fly around the ocean freely and catch fish to feed the
navy. He tended to avoid war torn areas of the sea and only entered conflict when absolutely
necessary or when innocent lives were at stake.
Vale was ambushed by a group of pirates known as the Flame Clan. They managed to burn a
few ships and kill a few hundred men. Justice and Destiny had defended the fleet during the
overnight ambush and destroyed the Flame Clan, but the damage was already done. Justice
was injured in the attack, with a tear in his wing due to the massive amounts of fire magic.
Resistant, but not immune. He would never fly again. Vale was extremely angered by this, and
promised himself he’d never let his guard down in such a way ever again.
Many gods have died by this point, either by humans or by each other. Vale’s lightning magic
had become stronger, turning a darker shade of blue and becoming larger. He could take down
attacking galleons with ease.
Watching his followers grow old and die was difficult for Vale. So many loyal people with their
hearts in the right place that will never get to see the result of his efforts. Vale had come close to
mastering the use of water magic at this time.
New Arches was attacked by a fleet of ships led by Poseidon himself and his followers while
Vale was away. If Vale had been there, he would have died. Poseidon fought on the side of
Prometheus in the war, believing humans were not worthy of the greater power of magic. Power
was killed in the attack, but not before sticking the attacking fleet full of spikes. Poseidon had
unleashed his water magic upon New Arches, flooding the entire city. Vale was ashamed he
was unable to save his home town yet again, but knew that there was nothing he could have
done to defend against such a strong god.
Vale became aware of a pirate captain named Arthur plotting to overthrow Prometheus. Vale
knew Arthur, but also knew of his power hungry motives and how he killed and pillaged for
aurem. Vale decided to plot in secret by continuing to influence people using the power of
Vale influenced millions, allowing them to know the dangers of aurem burning and giving them a
better future. He had grown powerful enough to lead full scale attacks against minor gods and
their armies.
Athena was killed in the midst of battle near Andros. She died whilst fighting against crazed
gods and their worshippers. She was wise enough to see through Prometheus’ lies and to fight
for the right cause. No death had quite hurt Vale like this one. Athena had been the one to show
him justice, to show him how to help others without blindly worshiping gods, how to be powerful,
how to do things not only for the sake of loyalty but for the good of the people. Vale knew it was
clear what course of action he had to take now. He decided he needed to reveal himself to the
world, reveal his power, and help as many people as possible before it’s too late.
Arthur was going to attack Mount Olympus soon. Vale knew he was right in doing so, but still felt
that he was everything wrong with humanity. Arthur gathered a large army and prepared. Vale
knew how powerful Arthur had become, and as powerful as he was, could not match him.
Arthur at this point had become stronger than even Prometheus himself. All was going
according to plan, as Prometheus was blind. He didn’t know what the power he gave humans
meant and what they could do with it. Arthur was fed up with all the secrets Prometheus had
kept over the years. He knew Prometheus was hiding the true nature of magic.
Justice died prematurely due to his great injuries earlier in life. Vale felt as if he lost another part
of him, just like back when Power died half a century ago. Justice had lived his final years in
pain, and Vale was glad he could finally rest.
Arthur was making his final preparations to attack. Arthur told Vale that it’s best he stays back,
as he is not powerful enough to pose a real threat to the major gods. Vale defended the foot of
the mountain from any people who dared to follow. Vale knew all Athur wanted was power, but
this was the only way to take down Prometheus.
Arthur had finally attacked Mount Olympus, demanding Prometheus reveal the secrets of magic.
Prometheus released many curses, soul binding abilities that grant the user immense power
and immortality. Arthur himself obtained four of them. He then became known as ‘The
Cursebeard’. Over time, his iron heart lightened and he tried his best to be a better person.
The Age of Destiny
After a long life, Destiny passed of old age at 220. Vale was sad, but happy that Destiny had
gotten to live a full life. She was always directly by his side, ready to follow orders.
At the age of 477, Vale had finally found a curse of his own, the transformation curse. This curse
gave the user the ability to transform themselves temporarily into the creature that best fits their
soul. For Vale, this creature was the wyvern, a free creature known for strength and resilience.
With all his experience around wyverns, Vale could use this curse with ease. He had been the
first person to ever successfully tame wyverns, after all. Many people attempted to kill him and
take this power, and he famously became known as Vale the Wyvern.
At this point Vale had decided to go into hiding because his purpose was fulfilled and the last
thing the world needed was another source of conflict. Arthur did the same, going temporarily
into hiding to hide the world from the potential problems caused by curses and magic.
During this time, magic was starting to become more and more obscure and the idea of it was
fading into legend. People like Cursebeard and Vale were now only heard of in stories.
Cursebeard reappears as the leader of the One-Shot Pirates, doing questionable things for
power and riches, trying to collect all curses. but Vale’s location is still a mystery. Not even
Cursebeard knows if Vale is alive. There’s a new threat lingering in this world that seems to be
prone to them. A powerful dark entity, influencing people from the shadows, driving them insane.
Durza, the holder of the absorption curse, has possession of many magics. Theos The War
Phoenix leads the resistance against Durza. One fateful day in the 1000s, Theos and Durza met
in front of the city of Oberon and fought, causing a giant explosion dividing the world into what it
is today. The Arcane Government, a sort of police force, has risen up and taken control of the
Seven Seas ever since the attack. Pirates are as common as ever, now fighting for more than
just money. Trigno, the leader of the Mantle Pirates, used to be a member of Cursebeard’s
faction, but has since broken away after obtaining the Magma Curse. Holden, leader of an A.G
resistance force, is assisting Theos in his pursuit of Durza. Averill, captain of the Shining
Pirates, has surfaced very recently and has certainly made a name for himself with his
abnormally large bounty.
Centuries upon centuries later, in the Seven Seas, a group of wizards trying to defeat Durza led
by Theos formed a clan known as ‘Destiny’, dedicating themselves to following in Vale’s
footsteps, protecting those who deserve it and striking down those who purposely inflict harm.
They pledge to one day uncover his power and use it for good, just like he did.
The Age of the Future
Who knows what may happen, if Vale is still out there, influencing people from the shadows.
Either way, destiny has a plan for us all.

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