Some Drifa Fanart

Trying to draw a human with tiddy and at the same time I wanted to draw a character in the game. Looking at the leaks, Drifa was the only female that’s been leaked, hence I drew maid Drifa.


welcome to the forums, you should apply for artist, i think you’d get in to their exclusive cult of people who know how to draw

I dont think im good enough to be an artist but thanks

big booba, now join us.


i mean your art is good but
why would you draw specifically that

I dont know, was just thinking of drawing a person with tiddy so I was searching for characters in the game and it looks like Drifa was the only leaked female npc in the game at the time, though I still lacked the theme. While I was lurking the forums, I saw the a post about maid Drifa or something similar to that, so I just went ahead and used that as the theme.

im way more shit than you and somehow i got in so.

I feel like you’re better than me though, my drawing is just plain and simple.


Tf does she mean by “enchant your wooden rod”
Actually, I don’t want to know

i think i know what it is

i mean i wouldn’t mind but

As a maid lover I approve of this.

Why did they get banned again? Also this looks nice despite it probably being a sexual innuendo.

Judging from experience of sexual innuendos.

Drifas trying to pull a gawk gawk 3000 on CO

I wouldn’t mind

Honestly same.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh everyone shut up I beg you