Some magic council members should use weapons

It makes no sense that the magic council doesn’t have a single member that knows how to use a sword.
Magic council members that spawn with weapons wouldn’t would have about a 30% chance instead of a regular soldier my reasoning being that the magic council would be less likely to accept a member who couldn’t use magic.
Magic council members with swords could also replace captains occasionally. Captains would use rare weapons like sunkens or other rare items.

I like this idea it would make fighting waves of Magic Council more interesting instead of just dodging 100 20 barrages from the Magic Council


I sort of want to argue that it’s called the magic council because they use magic, but at the same time that would be really interesting to fight. If that were the case they might need a nerf depending on how it’s added, probably not with the -40% weapon damage.

Magic council members are segregationists, kicked out exiled, everyone they have is using magic only.

true that lol

If they are to use weapons, keeping it to arcanium ones would probably be best.
…of which, aren’t yet implemented.

Even though this would be cool, I don’t think this would happen. Vetex said he isn’t going to design majors on the trello so M a y b e the MC Won’t exist anymore? Idk, i’m just hard speculating at this point.

would be cool, but there seems to be strict differences between npcs that use weapons and npcs that use magic.

bounty hunters to bandits

good, dark, wizards and the magic council

still, would be cool to see mixes

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