Some more lore relating to kingdoms

This is my predictions on where it could be based off.
Sameria Province
Most likely a desert type of kingdom.
Skyhall Kingdom
100% put in the sky.


I can understand why Sameria is a desert (thermo fist) but I don’t think it is certain Skyhall is in the sky just because it’s called Skyhall. But you never know.

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I’m fairly sure it was mentioned that residents of Skyhall are prejudiced against sea-dwellers since they live in the sky

Arcane Odyssey Racism?

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Nah they’re on that sigma cerulean pack


not again.

Cerulea flashbacks

good reason to destroy skyhall :3

Cough Tiberia Cough

its called the nimbus sea because it has lots of sky islands (nimbus means cloud)

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nonono they just hate poor people!

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that’s classism not racism

Well to me, it’s just prejudice, but thanks for telling me that.

Skyhall being Cerulea all over again :skull:

I’m down for that, Cerulea was my favorite place in AA

Stormy sky islands are an underrated idea.

where did you get this picture

They have their contacts in high places

Google images

So my thoughts and guesses of the existing and mentioned kingdom genre’s

Ravenna Realm is like Rome

Sameria Province could possibly kinda like Eygpt

Keraxe is viking

Ryujin Dynasty is dynasty (obviously)

Skyhall kingdom is like Cerulea

Corsair Country is pirate coalitions like potc

Azura Province im still not sure but my first guess is reneissance cuz idk why not

Gonna kill them with the alignement tasks