Some quality of life to naming abilities

Some quality of life to naming abilities
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The current ability naming system is great although I feel that it is very restrictive in some way, so I have a few ideas to improve this :

-Allow the rearrangement of word positions
(Although this would allow there to be grammatically incorrect names, there would be a lot more options to customizing an ability names and allow more individuality.)

E.G : You can create names such as “Luminous King” instead of “King Luminous”

-More words for Fighting Techniques (I mean, c’mon, compared to Magic’s spell-naming, Fighting doesn’t have many great options)

-Allow the ability to change a weapon’s ability name after reaching a certain level of Weapon stat.
(This is self-explanatory, I’m sure most people want this also)


Along with this, allow for the fusion of two words (ex. Firestorm instead of Fire Storm)

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