Some random questions i've been asking Tech for the past year ( 2021 ver )

Does Morden have abs ?

didnt ask this myself but Tarwarn sabotaged me and ask him on discord
i hate you ( not really )

Can Poseidon control lobsters ?

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he did not answer
this implied that Poseidon, the God of Sea
cannot control the lobsters

How often does Trigno smile ?

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What will happen if you get hit by a curse that just got ejected out of it's previous owner's body ?

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How did no one notice that Trigno sucessfully stole the Magma Curse ?

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the answer he gave me was pretty hard to understand, so i guess it just a plot hole, or maybe it went something like Arthur has a vault of curses so no one noticed one was missing
or maybe they did notice but he managed to escape before Arthur or someone in higher power can come there and deal with him ( i mean it’s possible that Arthur will give the thief a chance to prove they’re worthy of the curse cause if he kill them then the curse would just flung away and he has to go find it all over again )


yo are you texting tech

for Trigno’s Magma Curse question, Arthur and his One Shot Pirate crew actually threw and left Trigno on an abandoned island for him to experience a slow and painful death for his action. Trigno managed to get off it by basically using his Magma Curse to form obsidian platform for him to walk on thus allowing him travel across sea without touching the ocean.

Apparently they did this because they thought that he didn’t get the curse which I find it hard to believe. Didn’t Arthur check whether he possess the Magma Curse himself or not? He also could’ve easily check by just slashing a sword at Trigno since curse users are immune to any and every kind of physical attack.

he’s pretty chill lol, just dont annoy him too much like pinging and repeatedly message him until he reply
i mean, he will eventually, probably
and also ban you

yeah that’s why i think it probably just a plot hole, Vetex did write the original AA lore when he was like 15 or 16 anyway