Some shape ideas

so vetex wants ideas for shapes.

Here’s my ideas, 2 of em are naval themed but most are more abstract idk you can decide if you like them or not:


shark jawbone

circular sawblade

fist (unsure if this already exists, I know hand does, but this is like a closed punch)


axe/hatchet (spins while traveling in the air)

vampire fangs

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thinner cone/jagged needle shape options that could be used to resemble icicles :face_with_hand_over_mouth: !!!

definitely like 7th and last, or 8th and 9th
i def see the visual effects/particles looking very strange if not done correctly tho bcs of how thin the projectile is, but we have arrows, spears and tridents so maybe not :thinking:

if theres an option already like this someone lmk with an example of how close it looks without leaking obviously

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there’s an arrow, spear, and drill ig


(waiting for oleg to make a “penetration” comment)


can someone show me a list of all currently available spell shapes?

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^as u can tell more coming until post release unless vetex wants to work on suggestions later

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isn’t the current shape a sphere-

Mods I beg, don’t split the topic, this is a monumental occasion


for blasts the default before was prolly a sphere or whatever undefined form non solidish objects were

explosions were their own thing

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I’d imagine it is for magics like wood and crystal. Say you want an actual sphere for some reason

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crystal ball haha I get it


I feel like that was directed towards testers but a topic full of them doesn’t hurt anybody so why not?

-Finger pointing, basically poking somebody but would look wicked with big spells
-Frying Pan
-Anvil (yes an anvil but might be better for explosion spell rather than blast)
-Ship Ram
-A jagged bolt like your generic “Zeus’ lightning bolt”


Hollow Knight: Path of Pain flashbacks


giant fucking finger pointing at this one NPC and every other NPC is like “I FUCKING KNEW IT WAS YOU KEVIN”

I want to see what wind shapes look like

He showed wind cube on the Patreon discord channel

Ohh yeah I forgot lol, looks sorta like curses from the webcomic

show me in DMs :smiling_imp:

Sub to the patreon nerd.