Some shape ideas

dashes in circles around you

go ahead, drain all your stamina, be my guest.

summons a wall of rock and shadow to crush you

P block


placed explosion

what’s wrong? no stamina?

also p-blocks
then just walks around you my vitality tanking any attacks you try.

paladin mid lol!!!

uses skills and winsz cuz mages cooler

blocks. dashes. blocks. apocalypse bringer placed explosion

not in the game yet lol!!!

banned for exploiting

I kill vetex and no one gets to play :nod:

or I join in with my weapon file and murder you with sword stabs.

k have fun going to federal prison

Hey that’s some free food right there

also perhaps:


beetle (this one especially since “beetle” is one of the words you can use for a blast spell)

Graduated cylinder is the only shape we ever need.


dog figurehead (important)

eggplant shape would be nice