Something i don't like about AO wiki as a person who edit over thousand page

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Note that the my opinion may or may not be bias

  1. The wiki forum
    it’s too stupid to read them and pure nonsense than the subreddit, let’s move on

  2. Too much color text

    rahhh am gonna get epilepsy from it. like i have no idea why we need to color the text atlanteans to Femboy pink, i know the text is important because it’s literal what the page about. but can we like not put too much color on it

  3. The Navigation

    why do we need to put an image of a character in navigation, it feel so overwhelm, i think this is the only wiki to put image in navigation table

    the 60% of the image in nation navigation is placeholder, which look pretty lame.
    this is the old version (is look less overwhelm that the one with image)

Conculsion: AO wiki is just bit over-decorating wiki

respectfully, learn how to construct sentences



i like the colour and the icons personally, it is helpful when you want to move quickly

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when will you guys migrate to miraheze (fandom sucks donkey)


its never happening… :frpensive:

I pray for fandom to just go bankrupt

some of the recent changes are pretty nice though, like adding what weapon type each weapon is to their menu, or the magic circles that are being added to each magic’s page, though some magics like water are still missing theirs for some reason

btw, do you know where they’re getting these circles from? like if they’re directly from vetex or just recreations

Stop hating


why is that a rule?

If i had to guess there are just a lot of them and they’re mostly low quality

That seems stupid

most likely because the majority of roblox games do not have a particularly long lifespan. they’d clog up space after they fall out of relevancy

and the wikis tend to be pretty low-quality as they’re usually made by children

Miraheze it is

unfortunately not image

Probably legal reasons with Roblox if I were to guess

If you’re annoyed by Fandom, you can use this trick: head to the AO wiki, and add “anti” right before the “fandom” part of the URL-it should read as “antifandom”

If you do this right, you’ll be redirected to a superior mirror of the website with no bullshit.