Something i wrote after drinking redbull in a night

i wrote this quite a bit ago and this is probably inconsistent considering how tired i was even after the redbull but uh yeah
-insert fancy transition to title here-

In my room…

So there I was, in bed. It was quite cold, the pillows felt a bit more hard than usual. Despite this, I was still quite comfortable. My dog was aside by bed, looking comfy in their dog bed.
Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t move. I desperately tried to move even my toe. No luck with that. I then noticed something in the corner of my eye. A long, grotesque arm. It seemed to be a colour of red, though due to the darkness, I could not tell. It looked extremely frail, almost sympathy inducing but still so terrifying.

Then, the arm grasped the carpet and pulled. Slowing, a large, thin being arose. His skin was rough, I felt itchy from just looking at it. He seemed to be shaking, as his skin seemed to become baggy. The skin would flop around as it touched his bones, rattling about. His bones were longer than his limbs were, almost ripping his skin. His legs were bent backwards, his knee bone sticking out from behind him. From this, you could see his flesh. It was dry and rotten, you could see the maggots crawling out of it. From this tear, small pieces of larva fell out, being crushed by his foot, his foot bone sticking out. His toes flailed about and seemed on the brink of flying off whenever he even took a step. His head by now was covered by shadows from a large vase looming per where he had emerged.

After being stuck for what felt like hours, his face finally embraced light. The skin was thick and stitched together. It had no consistent shading, though it was always a red. It was extremely tight. You could see strings seemingly loosening before being pulled back, coming from his eyes. His eyes looked like they were splattered with bright red paint. They also were constantly rotating, at random in random directions. Then, a large almost perfectly circular splash of paint appeared, facing towards me.

He then approached me, completely ignoring everything else. After getting to the edge of my bed, he reached his arm out as it shaked, seemingly breaking bones and making them stick out. At the end of his arm, his skin drooped so down it touched me. It was freezing cold. His face then finally reached out to my face, grabbing it. Despite his frailness, it was an extremely high pressure. I felt my face slowly being crushed, I could barely breathe. I felt weak. My arm and jaw were experiencing pain. My chest felt like a hydraulic press was slowly crushing it. Then, all of a sudden, I managed to move my mouth. I tried to scream as loud as possible, though it was useless. The being’s flesh then slowly ripped apart, eventually, the tears formed something like a mouth onto the head. There were still pieces of thick skin connecting the gap however. Maggots slowly streamed out and crawled all over me. I could see one slowly approaching the hand and wiggle under it, going into my mouth.

After using all my energy trying, I finally got out a muffled cry for help. It barely went through the man’s hand. All of a sudden, I heard some ruffling. I heard something quickly climbing up my bed. I was honestly terrified, I felt my heart stop for a few seconds. It was extremely painful, though it immediately stopped when I saw a large eyeball The man stared at the entity and tried swiping it. After the man tried, I heard a loud crack. I was terrified for whatever it had swiped, though then I heard another crack. Then something then dropped on the floor. The large eye then launched itself at the man’s chest, snapping it’s ribs and sending them in directions stabbing the man from the inside. I observed this entity. It looked like a massive eye with a humanoid body, surrounded with metal circles rotating around it’s massive eye. I suddenly felt a burst of energy. I could suddenly actually move. I attempted to punch the red figure, though my fist was simply absorbed into it. All of a sudden, the large eye-possessing entity disappeared and the red figure stood still, his open eye staring at me.

I suddenly appeared back into my bed. The man still in the exact same position. He then seemingly flattened himself. Then he spread, like some sort of weird flesh-like plant. The eyes combined and become several times larger. The eye was then ripped to shreds as several maggots arose from it. The maggots then quickly exploded, as rapidly growing replicas of the man formed. These then all looked at me. Something was different though. Their eyes were entirely replaced by a large, constant burst of maggots. These would crawl everywhere. Eventually, these maggots reached me. They would eat into my skin and spread all throughout me. This was the most agonizing pain I had ever experienced. The men then approached me, putting their long, floppy and dry fingers into my as they twisted and turned, with several loud cracks and snaps being heard. I could feel their disconnections stab through their flesh and stab me.

I just wanted death. Nothing could or will help me. That’s what I thought anyways.

Then, I suddenly appeared in an alleyway. I had no idea what had happened at all.

what did he saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

bro what in the heck.

call the SCP foundation now-

funny thing is, i based the initial design off it as the most accepted design of 303 lol
and i was into scp at the time of writing it

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i aint reeeding all of tat so im sorry that happened or im glad for youyy

I didnt know redbull gave you those kind of wings