Something Trippy Keeps on Happening

In a conversation, it constantly looped mine and RobinHood’s messages. The same happened with tree as well but I didn’t take a photo. It’s similar to the reply glitch that happens.

When the matrix is lagging

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When this happened to me I was so confused, I swore I had just passed the same messages

Probably a problem on ur end

This only happens to me when I try to check out the reply. When I clickt he reply button it duplicates the message.

Help I broke reality again:

This time by simply responding to the lovely man @BoxMan

oh yeah that happens alot

It happens commonly when you press the thing


Let me explain to you why its happening for somewhat forum glitch/bug every time you click/press this, image , the message is looped so you have to find the reply

The only way to get rid of the loop is reload the page or press the website logo thing

nope it’s system wide.

Help reality broke again, someone please send a repair-man to come fix.