Sometimes you just get in the zone (also rushdown hates me)

I hate ganks but man pvp can be so fun when you find someone you’re level and you just slip into the zone. Not getting crushed, not crushing just… chill man.

Also pov: You try to use rushdown (I phased through them like two times)


the whole fight i was like “DRINK YOUR DAMN SEAWATER!!!”

pvp goes hard sometimes i agree

Forced to drink the salty water.

Warlock looks fun, especially with sailor’s honestly.

Though I’m committed to mage I’m suddenly motivated to learn about how to play warlock. I have two in the makes though they’re both not max level.

They’re fire iron leg and light sailor style.

I like warlock but I am really bad at it. I keep running up against pure build mages/warriors that just keep outside my range at all times but still crack me over the head with absurd damage, or I run into iron leg berserkers whose focus gives them 2.7k health and I just lose the attrition war.

I mean soon both warriors and mages might fall off, since some of their best traits or unique qualities are being removed, like triasta/vindi’s huge AoE and clash or making blasts cheaper so the reasons to go mage are even slimmer

Why go mage when the only unique things they get are shaped blasts and explosions (that all lose clashes thanks to all the clashing buffs) and pulsar? Hybrids get aura (though that’s rare) and everything else mage gets.

Part of me wants to stick with mage but the other parts want to main my fire iron leg file or my new moonlight sailor style file.

Is there another PVP changes thread? I’m curious about coming changes, and potential nerfs.

such a gay build

Average pvp player vs average pve enjoyer

Only losers judge other people based on what they find fiun.