Somewhat ultimate question

ultimate arts we all know em and stuff

imagine this,you have every starter magic and all spells on them but you have to choose only one of those magics and when you choose one you are forced to be able to use ONE spell and you are forced to make it an ultimate art and with that you lock all of your spells and can only use the ultimate art spell BUT IN REAL LIFE

what would you choose

metal resistance aura

ice magic 20 blast 100% sphere shape
I will bring a new ice age
(but give the blasts gravity as well)

ngl i would choose ice explosion ,hammer shape,5 explosions option,and shockwave

Ultimate? You called?

Light aura resistance
Most useful aura type (power, size and speed don’t do anything without spells)
Light bulb

ultimate power aura

for what magic

whatever gives the most or I pick defense for metal (pretty sure thats the strongest)

UA makes it last ur whole life :fr:

Ultimate Art: Earth Meteorite (Lost spell)

I have the ability to send a hurling mass of rock towards anything from space… I dare you to resist that

wind leap so i can jump comically high lol