Sonata's new profession

I don’t know what to think about this

I thought it was going to be her singing.

And then I saw the second image.

Man that thing doesn’t work or i’m just dumb idk

what am i looking at

I feel like someone is forcing her to do this, like pointing a gun to her head…

What makes you think that is not the case?


ASMR: stupid loser comforts you after you lose 18,000 galleons of cargo

it only has been 1 day

crack an egg on her head

When your brig just sunk but you are out of money:


(Complete sentence)

Acko’s posts always make a splash in the art community and I’d like it no other way :rofl:


Agreed dawg.

How can I print this… asking for a friend
sweats intensively

The fact you don’t know how to and had to ask is astounding

Man’s asking a completely valid question, don’t bash on him for wanting to know more.

Anyways, so first you should save the image. Right click on it, then click “download”. Once it’s downloaded, follow it to the folder (or check your downloads folder), and right click it. There, you should see an option to print. It may default to trying to make a PDF, so you’ll want to fix that, select the print your PC is connected to and hopefully it should print.

dude really gave the step by step tutorial :frcryin:

He truly is the GameHero :sob:
Don’t wanna mess with him on the streets…

Bro saw a genuine question, and gave a response.

No bits, no bs. Just a straight, step-by-step answer. Truly based activity in my point of view.

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