Sooo dragons confirmed again?

I guess we WILL see actual dragons in the game as mobs


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he cant even code whales to not fly how is he gonna do dragons???

Not make them freemoving. Have them like actual bosses who can do whatever but in a restricted area with precoded movement patterns.

that makes them easier to escape too

LMAO this aged poorly

they have been confirmed since aa since aether lightning had a move called dragon hammer or something that was said to have killed a dragon and theos has a move called dragon flame pillar

ye and the dragonfire carronades and dragon shape spell

trigno’s magma beast

dunno what that is

good screenshot i know but it’s that orange dragon that’s his magma curse ultimate i think

The giant cannonball was more menacing than the dragon itself.

guys i know it’s unrelated but i just wiped my pve build in deepwoken while trying to escape the explosion of floor 2 i got stunned by some kysgarde and that one buff kysgarden grabbed me and allowed the others to keep comboing me and i died

He can make large flying creatures without even trying, dragons will be easy for him

i wonder if the dragons will be swimming half the time just like the whales are flying half the time


So like, the ender dragon, where he just flies around and then goes to a specific spot for you to hit him?

maybe ao is meant to have more flying beasts